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The notification services represent integration with services such as slack, email or custom webhook. Services are configured in argo-rollouts-notification-configmap ConfigMap using service.<type>.(<custom-name>) keys and might reference sensitive data from argo-rollouts-notification-secret Secret. Following example demonstrates slack service configuration:

  service.slack: |
    token: $slack-token

The slack indicates that service sends slack notification; name is missing and defaults to slack.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data like authentication tokens should be stored in <secret-name> Secret and can be referenced in service configuration using $<secret-key> format. For example $slack-token referencing value of key slack-token in <secret-name> Secret.

Custom Names

Service custom names allow configuring two instances of the same service type.

  service.slack.workspace1: |
    token: $slack-token-workspace1
  service.slack.workspace2: |
    token: $slack-token-workspace2
kind: Application
  annotations: my-channel my-channel

Service Types